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Return To Breath ...
Body & Becoming Your Exquisite Self

For The Woman Awakening
& Wanting To Know Thy Truth

Are you seeking new ways to move your body... Move your life?! 
​For 5 days and 3 nights, feel carefree and exquisite, as you recharge in the French countryside of Angers, at Le Château LÈpinay.  Come surround yourself in healing waters, sacred sounds and natures best.  And celebrate your feminine essence with like-minded women. Together we will share over scrumptious food, holistic body workouts, divine spa body workshops... And so much more!
​Join KK for a jolly good goddess pampering retreat, in a truly awe-inspiring healing chateau haven .



You awaken on a party of puffed-up pillows, your body caressed by crisp white linen. No urge to move but feeling well rested and ready for the day ahead.


Uplifted by your bedroom`s decor, you recall the melody and lyrics of a familiar song: "I feel good! ... And I knew that I would!" Rising with an energising stretch, you tip toe out of bed, stroll around your lavishly decorated room, feeling like royalty, you're awestruck at the charm of your home for the next few days. 


With an energizing stretch, you revel in real-axation, taking your time as you prepare to join the others for a rejuvenating morning practice of gratitude and graceful movement.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.13.22.png

Already feeling fabulous and excited for the day ahead, your mind echoes internally: "Why have I waited so long to make time for me?" Feeling a sense of excitement, you leave your alluring room to connect with the others.  And in the next moment, greeted with warm smiles and words of welcome, you know you are exactly where you need to be right now... At home, in your heart.  And with that in mind, your journey toward optimal health and well-being begins!

Later that afternoon, you seize the moment to venture off and explore the majestic estate.  Slowly immersing yourself into the flora and fauna that surrounds, you gaze at the charming alley of roses rubbing shoulders with the 100 year old wondrous trees. 
You can hardly believe you managed to escape the urban jungle of Paris.. But you did.  And now you're here... strolling along the river banks of the Loire, feelings of gratitude and grace bestow effortlessly upon you.

A Haven of Peace That Invites You To Relax & Unwind


On the evening of your arrival at the Chateau de L'Epinay, our first delightful deep dive into self care and tapping into your well of wisdom is the experience of a body mind and soul Detox Soiree. 


Whilst sipping on KK's tailor-made tea, you will master the Art of Self Massage. Immersed in soothing solfeggio sounds, steam vapours and hedonistic scents designed to  heighten your sense of awareness, you will replenish your body, as your mind slows down and your spirit embraces the calm ritual of Knowing Thy Self, with your own healing hands.

Does This Sound Like You ?

  • You desire the time to recharge in nature and nurture yourself.

  • You crave for experiences that are heart opening, transformational and above of all… LIFE-changing.

  • You feel called to connect with other like-minded supporting women who feel the same as you.

  • You're driven to move your body so you can move your life and become more empowered. 

  • You're determined to alter your routine and do something that's going to have a profound effect on your personal goals or indeed your life purpose. 

  • You desire to find a safe and empathic space to connect with yourself and learn to love who you are.

  • You feel called to find your inner breath and truly accept yourself wholeheartedly, warts and all.

  • You hunger to discover adventurous ways to live an authentic life that's filled with boundless possibilities.

  • You yearn to stop doing 'stuff' so you can draw the attention inward and celebrate your true self.

  • You want to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR BODY... So you can move your life and be the best version for yourself and loved ones!

If you answered YES to five of these or more, then this exquisite escape for the self was made especially with YOU!  And that’s exactly why you’re going to LOVE Return to Breath Body and Being Your Exquisite Self.

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By The End Of This Journey

You'll have learned how to take care great of yourself at any given moment using your very own healing hands, with less personal judgement and more self acceptance.

You will begin to master, through breath-work exercises and The holistic Body Workout how to truly MOVE your body, so you can also start to MOVE your LIFE with more awareness and confidence!

Through the 4 Steps of Habit Formation your will become a proper Jedi master at letting go of limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.  Applying these steps to any part of your life, such as nutrition, exercise or... well just about anything... In next to no time you will be building daily health habits you can be proud of.

During your 1-1 bodywork therapy with KK, you’ll experience is a transformational healing session to help you reconnect deeper with your breath and body. You're in safe hands with KK... as she guides you to release accumulated stress, muscular pain and anything else that may be wearing you down emotionally and physically.  So get ready to watch it fall away,  leaving you feeling lighter and ready to embrace your exquisite authentic self.

IMG_0801 copy.tif

During this breathtakingly exquisite escape for the Self, you will experience a memorable journey toward rediscovering who you are... How you want to feel and How you wish to treat and see yourself.  You will have more understanding of your personal strengths, weaknesses and beliefs and you will know what makes you tick.

New self-awareness insights will make it easier for you to take control of your life.  With a fresh set of eyes and techniques to take home, you will be able to be in better balance with your work, your resting periods and your life's pleasures, more favourably. 

Prioritising precious 'me-time' so you can focus on what matters most to you, step by step...

So come on lady ... Lets go for it!

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A Château Home For Your Healing Needs

Away from the hustle and bustle of city living, The  Château L’Epinay in Angers, France, welcomes your to re-calibrate and rejuvenate, so you can begin to feel more enlivened and enlightened with your true sense of self. This enchanting holistic healing hotel, nestled in natures best, is dedicated to providing the perfect backdrop for your exquisite return journey home to the self.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.09.45.png

"Located in France and dating back to the 15th century, the charm of this castle - nestled  between the Loire Valley and surrounding vineyards - sets the stage for the  restoration of your mind body and soul."

"During this time I will guide and inspire you to listen to the subtle sounds of your inner beings needs...
So you can relax, replenish and discover with delight your exquisite self."

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.18.42.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.17.44.png

This prestigious and warm family run residence combines wellness and luxury wonderfully, whilst remaining respectful of the nature that surrounds.

And with the traditional belief that ‘a child dwells in all of us’ KK truly believes that the aesthetic beauty and bourgeois charm of Chateau De L’Epinay - a heavenly hotel haven that boasts a 17 hectare park -  will provide the perfect space for you to connect empathically with yourself, with a sense of child-like ‘awe and wonder. As you take great care, reminscing and reviving yourself.

Solo walk... skip, jog or row through these majestic rivers and forests is encouraged, so you can exercise your buoyant mood, body and breath fully, freely and without foreboding. Just let your self go in the moment.. connect in nature and relish in being YOU!

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.10.26.png

A Royal Suite Treat For Bedtime

A chateau slumber has its own unique charm that you will most certainly enjoy. The rooms and suites, each with their own personality are spacious and elegantly designed for your exquisite pleasure. Equipped with en-suites and decorated with natural tones, your bathroom will compose of either a walk-in shower or Italian bathtub.  With views of the park, they are detailed with tapestries, quality bedding, exposed beams and fireplaces.  For sure, to  feel like royalty in your room or suite.

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.29.29.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.12.38.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.12.05.png

"Majestic rooms and suites nestled in a countryside residence await your presence,
so that you can step into your exquisite rite of  passage like royalty...
The way you deserve to be."

Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.31.24.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-03 at 11.31.51.png

The Cuisine

As your day starts well, you will delight over the petit dejeuner – French for buffet breakfast - a variety of sweet and salty mouthwatering choices available for you to enjoy.



Choose from a selection of freshly squeezed juices, organic cereals, an assortment of cheeses, homemade breads, seed, wholemeal or traditional baguettes. Homemade jams and honey from our bees.. Pancakes and pastries...vegan cakes.. the breakfast buffet is plentiful.



Rest assured the restaurants lunch and dinner menu is gratifying, with the in-house chef committed to putting nature and ecology into the heart of his culinary delights.

The Residence produces their own vegetables while respecting the earth, animals and plants, favouring old seeds for more richness and diversity to their menu.

Healthy Breakfast
Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.13.54.png

This Franco- Italian restaurant, L’Orangerie with its unique setting, offers authentic and tasty dishes and treats. Choices like the Peppered Foie Gras, composed of a little season salad, spiced bread and bio fig jam... Or the Burrata dish of baby spinach and rocket, sprinkled with cashew nuts, pickled and cherry tomatoes in balsamic sauce are certain tempt the palate.

Screen Shot 2022-05-29 at 20.16.30.png

As a main, you’ll absolutely love the tagliatelle with truffle cream and mushrooms or for meat lovers why not try the (local provenance: Saint germain des Pres) rump steak served with a creamy gorgozola sauce and their homemade fries. To finish, the chef’s traditional tiramisu or the caramelized mille-feuille of warm chocolate, nuts and seasoned fruit will make your mouth water.

The Itinerary

Imagine your mind in neutral time... Body and soul in poetic harmony

This is the journey when you choose to Escape with KK...

Truly an experience for the Self.


You arrive at Chateau de L’Epinay on the afternoon and settle into your private chamber. After some light refreshment we dive into our first session, A Detox Soiree - Purification, self-pampering and a 'letting go of that which doesn't serve you' ritual, in the spa area.

This is a healing hands-on workshop that will ground you into the moment, as you set intentions for your journey of release and renewal.

To follow, we enjoy a delicious and hearty group dinner, subsequently gathering for our first ceremony to set the tone for the rest of our weekend together. At the end of the evening you will retire to your opulent room for a good nights slumber, dreaming of unveiling the new potentials in you that are ready to unfold.

Woman Relaxing


We begin the day with The Holistic Body Workout, a mind/body fitness class that integrates Tai Chi moves, Yoga inspired sequences with Pilates principles , that will lengthen and strengthen you from the inside out!  Giving rise to a sense of calm and focus so you can dive more deeply into your body and mind through the course of the day.

After breakfast we begin our first morning session of “The 4 Steps to Habit Formation”- A workshop, where you will learn the first course of action to overcoming obstacles that prevent you from forming healthy life patterns, so that you can start implement them to any part of your life.

After lunch we continue with our workshop and dive into step 2 of the Habit Formation workshop, journey deeper into the self.  There will be efforts made to let go of old patterns, by looking at the motivation that moves you towards the habit, so you can begin to change your internal state and invite a new habit in, for yourself.

The latter half of the afternoon is reserved for those with 1-1 sessions booked with KK. Otherwise this time is perfect for you to spend some individual quiet time...  Maybe another steam session in the spa to inspire your pampering self ritual, a swim in the natural swimming pool... or perhaps simply catching up on some journaling, whilst soaking up the energy offered by the environments ornate beauty.

Dinner is served at 7pm and we end our evening with group gathering ceremony to celebrate an exquisite day shared.

Tai Chi Class


Upon awakening, the theme for the day is "The Self Revisited." 

The Holistic Body Workout part 2, will allow you to solidify what you have previously learned, promoting consistency and commitment to yourself. Through the familiar flow, you get to ‘milk the moves’ with breath and body... Feeling more connected to self, whilst rooting in new beliefs of self-love and mindfulness.

After breakfast we dive into part 3 of our Habit Formation workshop, that reveals intention setting methods to sure that what you learn about yourself and your habits can take a turn to effect you positively in your life going forward.

A scrumptious Sunday lunch with all the trimmings follows and then during our final afternoon together we will explore the final step of our workshop and reward yourself for coming so far!

There will be plenty of time in the late after noon to reflect, relax and do your own thing, whilst KK completes the 1-1 sessions with the remaining guests in the group.

Dinner will be served in the evening followed by our group sharing circle and recap celebration..


We bring to an end our weekend with a closing Holistic Body Workout practice in the morning, followed by a hearty breakfast to prepare you for your journey home.

Taking in all the new ways on how to move your body, move your life - with an exquisite sense of self -  the foundation to a more fulfilling, work/rest life balance will be set for your wellness path going forward. 
You will leave knowing that you are fully supported with the opportunity to connect with KK in Paris or through virtual sessions. Depending on your personal journey, post retreat plans can also be arranged. 

Three Women
Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 04.35.18.png

AT A GLANCE but remaining flexible, the weekend will flow as follows:-


7.30 – 8.30 am:    The Holistic Body workout
9.00 – 10.00am:   Breakfast
10.30 – 12 pm:     Morning session with break in the middle
12.15 – 1.30 pm:  Lunch
1.45 – 3.30 pm:    Afternoon group activity with break in the middle
3.45 – 6.45 pm:    Time for private session with KK, rest, or journaling

7.00 – 8.30 pm:    Dinner
8.30 – 9.30 pm:    Group sharing circle

The Benefits

Top 8 Reasons For You Not Missing This Retreat

After spending a delightful journey cultivating a more connected relationship, discovering your authentic self 



1. Be guided to tap into your natural feminine force.


2. Learn practical tools so you can return home unapologetic and empowered about your self care


3. Remind you that self-care isn't just something nice do  - its essential.


4. Learn a simple step-by –step process to help resolve problems or triggers you experience when eating or planning to do exercise etc, opening the door to form new habits.


5. Embrace new ways to express your soft, gentle feminine nature so you can enjoy life more exquisitely.


6. Learn how to let go of worries and fears for the future, so you can courageously move forward in the present and work on the things that matters most to you and your life..


7. Learn that eating for your well being doesn’t depend on some trendy diet, rather more about when and how you eat. And how the spaces in between can benefit your health and longeveity.


8 Become capable of using reflective tools and meditation techniques that will help you manage the constant flow of outside world interruptions.  Helping you direct your inner awareness towards a positive and peaceful state of mind.

You will upgrade your level of health and vitality with the broad diversity of techniques you learn.
The healing breath-work and exercises you learn at this retreat are simple and easy to do and will help you transform your physical self with acceptance and loving kindness


This journey is for you:

  • If you’re ready to say YES to discovering your authentic self

  • If you’re ready to move Your body to Move your life

  • If you’re ready to reset your priorities, replenish and embrace your mind body and soul.

  • If you’re ready to breathe in new possibilities and breathe out old habits that don’t serve you anymore.

  • If you’re ready to stop ‘doing’ and ready to just simply be in the moment just for YOU!

  • If you’re ready to take a leap of faith and heal the self judgement so you can accept and thrive, warts and all!

This journey is NOT for you:

  • If you’re not open to idea of letting go and receiving alternative therapies and training to work through your 'stuff'

  • If you’re not ready to give yourself permission to do the inner work and overcome your own old beliefs.

  • If you don’t want to be surrounded by beauty and benevolence that will inspire you to take action, grow and  take great care of YOU!


  • A Clarity Call – 1hr pre retreat session with KK (valued at 100 euros)

  • 2 x 1 Activation Call – 1hr post retreat session (with KK valued @ 100euros)

  • 6 weeks of unlimited email support to keep you on track (valued @ 600 euros)


  •  Enchanting retreat accommodation  in a beautiful countryside, ready for you to explore, close to the Loire Valley in Epinay, Angers.

  • A natural sustainable swimming pool without the use of chemical products to benefit your well-being.

  •  Access to the leisure activities provided on site at the hotel including spa, gym, Jacuzzi and a variety of games.

  • 3 awakening teas, 3 breakfasts, 2 morning teas, 2 lunches, 3 afternoon teas and 3 dinners – organic and locally produced (where possible) gluten free food plus an assortment of herbal beverages.

  • 1 Detox Soiree: Includes The Art of Self-Massage and A Purifying Ritual.

  •  3 Holistic Body Workouts to strengthen and lengthen you.

  • A simple 4 step guide workshop to successfully guide towards forming better habits

  • Group Activity workshops introducing us to Self Realisation

  • 1-1 Body + Breath Spiritual Healing journey with KK (if pre-booked)

  • A beautiful digital journal for you to reflect in during the retreat

  • Return transport from Angers train station to Chateau de L’Epinay (if required)


*Transport back to Paris or any ongoing destination from the train station.

* Travel, personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

* Personal items include souvenir shopping,

* Extra spa services, personal phone calls, taxis, laundry, bell-boys and tips for your room maid service.

Screen Shot 2022-06-12 at 14.05.19.png

Your Host

Hello I am KK and its really lovely to know that you reached this far on my invitation to join me for some exquisite time, to remember who you are and how important it is to make time for the self.

For the past 20 years or so I have been in service to others around the world, transforming lives one body at a time.  At times I have the honour to affiliate with some of the top resort destinations for wellness - such as The Aman Residents and Six Senses Spas and Resorts - offering a unique menu in mind/body fitness & divine spa bodyworks to their valued guests.

When covid struck, like many, my work/life/balance took a hit. At the time I just arrived in Paris (unchartered territories for this me) and seemingly got stuck in my own little rut of what to do.  Due to the pandemic restrictions and inevitable changes I noticed I began to hide behind the decisions I made for myself and realised that the situation unfolding was creating doubt, uncertainty and fears in me. Not having any friends and language knowledge really emphasised my sense of being alone and unable to be sociable

Because of strict travel measures and defiance in me not to comply, I was unable to resume my life long work of defining myself as a "A global floating wellness goddess". And like many others, I found myself settling for the 'new normal' and an ordinary way of being.  And for a time, I convinced myself that there was no way out.  The result?  My life took a turn, becoming for the first time... boring, uninspiring and full of mundane things to ponder.  I felt constantly overwhelmed… And began to loathe what I was becoming.  Especially since I knew a few years before, this was not who I was at all!

Then one night, whilst lying in bed I asked myself…

"KK who are you? And what do I want to be in this New Normal next chapter?"  The answer was… ‘Not this shrinking violet that I am becoming... NO WAY!!!’

So then the next question was…

"OK... So how do I snap out of this "Shrinking Violet mode and get my exquisite mojo back to thriving and driving with passionate force, like the free flowing goddess in service that I once was?"

Deep down, I knew I had to step out of my 'comfort zone and set out on a new journey of levelling up. Resetting my mind, priorities, goals and rediscovery myself again.

With that process, it showed me how to open up to new possibilities and give myself permission to delve deep into remembering who I AM and what’s really important to me.


Thankfully the 'knowing' came back fast! 


The message was.. "Come on girl! get promoting optimal health and wellbeing... Get back to sharing your unique skills and sharing your life experiences with others to inspire beautiful people who cross paths with me on this journey we call LIFE. Find beautiful locations... AND manifest that dream to host retreats that allows "busy minds and bodies" to stop in an exquisite setting, have a moment to just be and remember who they are.  

By the way, I’m still on that journey but oh boy it feels soooo good to share it with you!  I feel so excite to invite on an escape odyssey in my unchartered territory.  France is a stunning country and as someone that’s lived a nomadic life for two decades, I feel its time to Escape with KK (that’s me;) again and together we can start a next level journey to Remembering our True Selves. So please, come join me and let’s Stop... Breathe… Move our body and manifest a truly happy and authentic life together! 

One final heart-felt message sharing your vision of the trip

As a certified Fitness Professional skilled in a plethora of exercise methods, Spa Artist, Wellness Expert and Fashion Designer and Model for over 25 years combined and who loves the world of wellbeing, fitness, style and self care, I have a lot to share and so it has become my mission to seek out that stylishly dashing destination, that’s going to provide the perfect backdrop for me to treat and train others, transforming how they see and treat themselves, so that they can be inspired to live the lives they truly deserve to have.

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