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Wellness Your Way

Enjoy wellness your way with KK, a highly skilled expert, providing you with a full range of bodywork, massage and beauty treatments during your very own escape in a private retreat.

KK can develop a personalised plan from personal training and yoga exercises to detox programs and mind gym - mental health support, so all you need to do is let go!  KK's aim? Your complete relaxation and the feeling of restoration in mind body and soul!

Private retreats can be created to suit each client – taking place in your home, private villa, or hotel, with raw food and fresh juices delivered daily, plus treatments and training tailored to suit your personal needs. Group retreats can also be designed in conjunction with hotels and resorts offering clients a unique and luxurious wellbeing service in addition to accommodation.

KK can come to you and create a calm oasis that will help you to slow down and relax even more deeply.

Suitable for all levels of fitness she can design programs adapting to your skill level and goals.


Whether a group retreat or tailor-made private retreat, KK can develop a plan just for you, so all you need to do is let go and enjoy wellness your way.

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