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in Ibiza

Escape with KK

Take time out... Nourish your body.. Still the mind and free your soul.. with KK in Ibiza

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Escape with KK
Escape with KK

Time & Location

Time is TBD

in Ibiza, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

About the event

Escape with KK - A Wellness and Spa service

Inspired by KK's love for floating.... she created a freelance mobile wellness menu that are usually performed in idylic paradise settings. On the menu, KK offers mind/body fitness coaching and divine spa body therapies.

On her creative work/rest/ lifestyle journey, one of her personal interest was to learn how to live simply, in mind body and spirit. Whilst realising that in order to not burn out in the industry herself, an adequate self pampered island lifestyle needed to be maintained, for her own wellbeing. So simple mantra came to her over the years that had her learning how to live through positive thoughts prayer and faith.

In the end what matters most is...

Flow with what may ever happen...

Finding out about the true self has no ending...

.how to manifesting ones dreams in a balanced way for the good of all.and

KK loves island life and owes much of her wellness to the pockets of paradise she found to call home 20 years plus after leaving her birth place, the UK, Fitness and Spa expert KK reflects back at the journey....

From 1997, she began to live in Queensland Australia and became a fitness professional in group and personal training.

Around the clock (fitness classes and spa appointments) for ten years (Buddha Gardens and Spa... Spirit Fitness Health Club... The Sanctuary... Gaia Retreat and Spa.. to name a few places graced with KK's services.

Leaving Byron Bay Australia and kickstarting a global venture in 2009... Escape with KK went Aroumd the globe carving out a reputation for her healing hands and healthy body... Followers in Sri Lanka, Macau UK, Austria and places in between were often repeat clients joining KK seasonally in several idylic hot spot locations. several cycles on and crossing many paths along the way. Escape with KK built up a momentum and enearing global client base.. A fanclub for being well.. That strangely enough still gets spread through spoken word or handwritten feedback was spoken and spread for the past 10 years about her exclusive wellness services

The perfect reward for her own personal wellness journey, whilst getting the opportunity to share her wisdom in spa and fitness.

Indulgence and serenity cohabit peacefully at Ibiza Bay Spa by Six Senses Spas and this is where you can Escape with KK and experience her signature style treatments, training and therapies.

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