I've always thought. finding out about the true self is a profound journey that has no end... but begins in the present moment. 


And so with that in mind... I invite you to my journey (so far) in fashion... to fitness and well being - from past and present.

As a free spirited woman, I've always wanted to do it all... So I did... manifesting a modelling position for FENDI in the early 90's during the launch of their first ever collection, designed by Karl Lagerfeld... To becoming Olivia Newton John's first mind/body fitness coach at the Gaia Retreat and Spa in Byron Bay, Australia. 

My dream following that was to travel to exotic locations and share my fitness skills, motivating energy and healing hands, as a bonafide wellness goddess floating around all four corners of the earth.. and why not?!.. so I did.

Whilst totally seizing every opportunity I got to express my alter ego, the funking disco songstress... 

Oh Yes! ... The performer in me is my souls greatest tonic. And I gotta keep feeding the spirit baby! :-)

When you allow yourself to open up fully and freely to life... You get to meet your true self and realise all things are possible.   

If you want to have a one to one chat about how you can change your life and manifest your dreams, connect with me here.