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Wellness Your Way 

A VIP Experience

Discover the allure of a VIP Experience at Escape with KK, where your unique retreat awaits.

Tailor your own wellness package, ensuring every moment is wisely spent, maximising the benefits of your journey. 

Co-create a customised program with KK that resonates with you, and move forward with the reassurance of KK's unwavering support, propelling you toward your goals seamlessly. 

KK has sculpted a legacy in the wellness realm, mastering the art of healing touch and infusing bodies with invigorating vitality.

As a seasoned professional, her mission extends beyond fitness and spa expertise –

Here to revolutionise the way we approach work and life.

Join her on a journey towards Wellness our Way, where smart choices pave the way for a stress-free, vibrant existence.

 Leaving you with more time to enjoy the richness of a fulfilled life. Your transformation awaits.

What can we offer you?

Escape with KK, your dedicated host, is passionately committed to your goals, offering a VIP Experience that can include the following:

• Personalized support and expert guidance for your well-being.
• Tailored accommodations to suit your investment costs.
• Distraction-free environment.

• Guided fitness, meditation and yoga support.

• Rejuvenating massages and spa treatments.
• Professional life-coaching, including workload redesign for 

   business and/or home life.
• Expert advice on revolutionizing your time m
• Spiritual freedom through accessible 

• Emotional wellness and mental health support. 
• Invitation to connect with a vibrant, like-minded community.
• An unforgettable, transformative experience awaits.

How does it work?

Fill out the quick form below with your details and tick any ideas that interest you for your

VIP Experience.  Then we'll reach out to and take it from there. 


Elements of a retreat
Fitness, Meditation & Yoga
Massage & Spa Treatments
Hammock in Nature
Work/Life Balance Redesign
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Quality Support & Guidance

Share your contact details below and tick the services you're interested in

Thank you for reaching out.

We will get back to you shortly.

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