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Online Remote Sessions

Mind, Body & Fitness

Explore yoga, pilates and  Tai Chi during a private Holistic Body Workout session or choose from other fitness coaching by KK. Private sessions benefit those who are unsure of entering the public setting yet, and for those with very specific concerns and questions about their body.  Maybe you're someone who would like more one-to-one attention and time to ask questions. Individual time will allow for customized physical assessments for your particular body type resulting in affects similar to KK's signature massage. Through working privately with KK, you can better understand your body and and bring your practice back into the public setting.  A final relaxing guided meditation with healing sound & a virtual light touch, is also available upon requested.

You can contact KK to schedule a suitable time for a virtual session.  Available via in-person or remote online appointments.



FitFace Workout

Did you know that muscles don't end at your neck? :) ... The truth is you have over 40 vital muscles in your face?
By simply knowing that, you would know you can train and change the way your face looks and feels TODAY..?

FitFace Workout is an alternative training method to reduce signs of aging. Just like you can tone and strengthen the muscles in your body, you can work the muscles in your face too. When you work the muscles in your face they get tighter and firmer just like the muscle in your body.

This practice will become like second nature.. like going to the gym.. the beauty salon and the massage parlour .. All for the face!


Eating 4 Well-being

Zoom in on "KK in the Kitchen" a fun weekly Instagram live show. Demonstrating  her favorite healthy recipes.  She talks about her eating habits and how its changed over the years and invites her tribe to ask her questions.  As well as sharing the powerful foods and supplements she adds to her daily eating routine, KK how she achieves optimal health & well-being for her mind body and soul.  'Do It Yourself'  Tips on Spa Face and Body Treats prepared from her kitchen pantry... Because as the old motto goes...  'If its good enough to eat, then its certainly good enough to put on your skin'.


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