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To Activate Your Super Powers!!

KK believes if you move your body, then ultimately you can move your life! 

Which is why during her personal training sessions she focuses on the 3 pillars of training to do just that.

1.Stretching.. The basis of everything.

2. Muscle building with cardiovascular training.

3.Stabilising and conditioning the core. 

A Personal Training plan with KK will combine all these 3 pillars to ensure the best results for you!


If your goal is to lose your belly fat to feel comfortable in a 2-piece swimsuit and refine your figure... or to simply have better support in everyday life... You will like this class because it focuses on the abdominals! 
You are only one step away from a flat stomach so come and try this class exclusively dedicated to strengthening the abdominal strap. Your back will also thank you!  KK also offers classes that incorporate other body areas such as thighs and buttocks.
Reach your personal goals with a personalised plan targeted on the abdominal belt. See your belly shrink to take shape over the abs sessions. KK will help you throughout your process of transformation, so that you are well in your body. Whether it is to lose weight, lose fat or tone your muscle mass, she will adapt the program and carefully monitor your exercises.


Apart from aesthetic reasons, regular sessions can bring you a multitude of benefits for your health, and your body in general.
First on your posture, your abs protect your back. Core conditioning and stability workouts, carried out over the long term will benefit the muscle group called “abdomino-lumbar belt. This group provides support for the spine which will prevent it from bending and adapting bad posture.

It can also save you from lower back pain later, which affects 1 in 10 people in their lifetime.
The abdominals are also used to deliver better quality of breathing.
Regarding pulmonary or cardiovascular concerns, poor breathing patterns are often due to weakness in the abdominal belt. The whole mechanism of breathing is facilitated by the contraction of the abdominals. This is why strong abs allow you to breathe better.

But that's not all, having strong abs helps with digestion, improves transit, and even helps during childbirth!


The abs are among the most powerful muscles in the human body, in fact they support the weight of the entire body, and deliver the power necessary for a wide variety of sports movements. Whether it's running fast or jumping high, for example, it's the role of the abs to be strong enough to transfer energy between the upper and lower body.

To access more explosiveness in your movements, and improve your performance, abs classes are the first step in the process.
In addition, the perfect combo with an ab workout would be to choose a cardio class such as STEP. Plan one session per week to start (or better still, more) for fantastic results.


Better stability and improved posture.
A loss of fat located in the belly: your belly becomes firmer and more toned.
Bodybuilding exercises that are easy to perform with KK your coach, who listens to you and can help you avoid the risk of injury.


Duration: 30 mins

Equipment: sneakers, towel, water bottle

Fit Woman

STRETCHING - The Basis of Everything


Stretching is not limited to stretching after sport but is a fitness activity in its own right! Stretching is a gentle sports practice, which allows deep muscle work. The foundations of stretching are very old and come directly from our instinct. Like any mammal, it is essential for us to stretch to maintain a certain physical ease.

A stretching session will therefore consist of performing a series of various poses and exercises that allow you to contract and then release the muscle slowly and with control. This allows for smooth and thorough work and recovery.


There are many reasons for stretching, whether for physical or psychological benefits.
Our lifestyles has made us lose the spontaneity of these movements, therefore stretching will allow you to regain the muscle and joint comfort that they bring.

This will give you flexibility, strengthen the elasticity of your tendons and muscles and relieve your joints. These different points of action make it possible to impact your physique by lengthening your muscles and therefore your silhouette, whilst also improving your posture.
Stretching is also a moment for yourself, allowing you to evacuate stress, to work on your breathing and your concentration.


Stretching is based on controlled muscle contraction and relaxation. It is therefore essential to concentrate on each movement to maintain an effective posture, without injuring yourself. There is no age or pre-requisite to perform a stretching session.
In order to carry out the session that is most suitable for you, both in terms of effort and objectives, KK is happy to guide you in your practice.


Both yoga and stretching are two disciplines based on gentle sequences of poses, with significant breathing work. However, the two disciplines are fundamentally different.
The main purpose of stretching is to stretch, to relieve muscles and joints. Yoga, on the other hand, is a real way of life that revolves around a spiritual dimension. Yoga is frequently associated with meditation exercises, and is rooted in postures and foundations drawn from Indian philosophy. Stretching, on the other hand, is based on fitness exercises, directly linked to the anatomy. It will seek more to strengthen the muscles than yoga.

The major difference between the two disciplines therefore remains in the approach: yoga is centered around mental well-being and stretching more around physical well-being.  However, KK has an art of combining the two together so you can reap all the benefits.


It is practiced at any age and is beneficial to all.

Stretching is both a preparation for exercise and a moment of well-being.

It promotes and accelerates physical recovery.


Duration: 30 min to 45 min

Equipment: towel, water bottle
Stretching can complement or prepare for a cardio activity such as step or dance fitness.



Cross training is a sequence of cardio, weightlifting, strength endurance training, flexibility and concentration. Cross training is a complete workout that allows you to work your body in depth. This type of circuit training allows you to challenge your body and muscles with every workout!
The idea of cross training is to prepare you physically for all the ultimate!
When you practice an activity, you work certain parts of the body, but not the body as a whole. For example, if you are running, your upper limbs are not used. But with cross training, you complete your training and erase the imbalance between lower and upper limbs. 


Practicing cross training means setting up different exercises: push-ups, abs, squats, rower, military press, jump rope, etc. A whole bunch of exercises that will allow you to become strong and fit! You will do your exercises with your body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes and rubber bands. The sequences are short and intense, your whole body is solicited by working your muscle chains... and you will quickly feel the effects of your training on your physical body!


With KK you have the choice between practicing cross training or doing your bodybuilding exercises.
So why opt for a cross training session?
First of all because cross training is usually done in groups, this increases the fun, the motivation and density of your training. In addition, you are accompanied by KK, your coach whose dynamic support can be inspiring. This support takes the form of complete workout instruction, for the proper practice of these exercises: previewing the moves, weight suggestion, etc. And the big plus is that the session is both stimulating and motivating!

On the contrary, bodybuilding is a sport that you practice very regularly alone. Sometimes resulting in poor form and demotivation. 

It can be difficult to force yourself to carry out your weight training alone, which is why being accompanied by KK, your skilled coach, can be beneficial as you implement certain exercises that require knowledge and skilled eye to watch over you, to prevent bad form. Implementing the wrong movement can lead to pain or injury.


Will cross training make you lose weight? The answer is yes ! Thanks to cross-training combining cardio with strength. Your session will make you burn fat for sure. By carrying out several sessions, you will redefine your silhouette and feel much healthier. You will lose your excess pounds and work all of your muscles.
The cross training session is adaptable for everyone, according to their objectives. As a result, you will not see yourself stagnating. Set achievable goals and you will be rewarded for your efforts very quickly.

For more success and to optimize your results, it is essential to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Provide your body with all the essential nutrients through a balanced diet.


Even first timers can practice! Indeed, KK welcomes you whether you are a beginner, intermediate or experienced.
In addition, the mix of levels makes it possible to gain motivation and mutual support during the lessons.

In cross training or body building sessions, KK will show you the moves, the sequences of exercises and will advise you on the weights to take from the start. With KK, your progress will be dazzling! Don't hesitate any longer, book your cross training or body building lesson today!

The benefits of cross training?

It is an activity that works all the muscles of the body

The sessions are short: maximum results in minimum time!

Cross training also allows you to work on your weak points in order to be more efficient in

your sport.

Good to know about cross training

Class duration: 30 - 60 minutes

Equipment: sneakers, towel, water bottle
Cross training can bring an improvement in your practice of martial arts for example.

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