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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach



KK has helped many individuals from many wallks of life improve their health and well-being.  As a fitness and spa professional for over 20 years, today she offers mind/body fitness coaching and divine spa bodyworks therapy.


As a European Registered Exercise Professional, KK offers a wide range in personal trainer and group fitness programs.

Her Asian spa artistry and accredited  Massage  skills are her clients favorite service, with many opting for her divine healing touch


KK has also achieved a level 2 award in Mental Health Awareness, giving her the opportunity to further support her clients emotional and spiritual well-being.


Integrating her fitness programs, Asian spa-artistry skills and self-care wisdom, she is enthusiastic to offer her unique services, which will leave you feeling  stronger - both physically and emotionally - as well as staying younger for Longer, from the inside out! 


Why choose KK?  Because your journey toward wellness, is her odyssey.

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Drop your robe, your cares, your guard and anything else that may be weighing you down.  You're in healing hands with KK and her divine touch.

Simply tell her how you feel...

What you need...

And enjoy the transformation.

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As a member of the European Registered Exercise Professionals since , 1998, KK has been offering safe and effective personal training and group fitness classes to help her clients build strength, tone muscles, improve their stamina and increase flexibility .


Thomas Tuchel, 
Professional Football Manager

You are a gifted woman - strong, self confident and full of energy! 

Simply amazing... and so are your massages! Thank you


Aiste Miseviciute,
Model/World Food Ambassador

Thank you KK for the training sessions and best of all - the massages.

 Always left feeling like the most relaxed person in the world!

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Irving Rappaport,


I felt like I'd been transported to a parallel universe!

Thanks a lot.

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