About KK

KK is a proud mom and known by many of her clients as a multifaceted 21st century goddess!

 Over the past 30 years she has crossed over to many different camps...

Working in Fashion and Modelling to the Fitness and Well-Being industries.

Born in the UK, she left in the mid 90's to set up a new life in Australia, where she found her calling and studied her craft becoming a fitness coach and spa artist. An island girl at heart, she traveled through Asia, adapting many of her skills in spa healing and massage technique.

After a decade of service in Sri Lanka and Ibiza, she became renowned for her signature touch, holistic energy and classic cool style of service to others;  Attracting many distinguished clients through word of mouth. 

KK also affiliates with luxury wellness destinations such as The Aman Resorts and Six Senses Spas and Resorts offering their guests exquisite experiences in fitness and spa. Today she shares her journey in pictures here.

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mind body fitness_edited.jpg


"My mission is to provide 'next level' transformative experiences, that promote renewal, restoration and healing for my clients, by integrating my spa therapy along with my mind/body fitness coaching. 

In light of recent world challenges and changes, I find that people are seeking more opportunities to unwind from the demands of their busy lifestyle.

And so its with that in mind, that my aim is to offer wellness escapes for individuals, couples and groups.

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Over half a century, I may be getting older, but my body feels and looks stronger, than ever before. 

I listen to my body and take action to treat pain as injuries present themselves. I take care of my mind, to prevent the stress and worry of those around me, as well as myself.  I eat balanced meals that make me satisfied and I'm capable of listening to my satiety cues.

To continue sharing my simple philosophies in health fitness and longevity for mind body and spirit is my dream vision. Helping women (especially, stay feeling stronger and looking younger, for longer.