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K K   S T O R Y

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"In light of recent world challenges and changes, I find that people are seeking more opportunities to unwind from the demands of their busy lifestyle.

My mission today is to create exquisite wellness retreats that improve the lives of others.

'Next level' transformational escapes, that help

men, women and children refresh... reset and

remember who they truly are...

Free sovereign beings, filled with endless possibilities.  

So please join my tribe here so you can stay tuned for my next drop and be the first to hear about Escape with KK retreats coming soon"

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"With over half a century under my belt, I maybe getting older, but my body feels and looks stronger, than ever before.  How?

Because I listen to the subtle signs in my body and take immediate action to treat pain as injuries present themselves. I take care of my mind, to prevent the stress and worry of those around me, as well as myself. 

I fast, pray and eat balanced meals that make me satisfied and I'm capable of listening to my satiety cues.

To continue sharing my simple philosophies in health, fitness and longevity for mind body and spirit is the vision.

Helping others to stay feeling stronger and looking younger, for longer is my souls greatest tonic"

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