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About KK

KK, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in body healing and empowerment, she addresses emotional blockages and physical injuries with a unique

whole-body approach.

After completing studies in fitness, anatomy and massage, she expanded her expertise in native Australian bush plant healing and the essentials of Ayurveda living.
As the first activities facilitator at Olivia Newton John's Gaia Retreat & Spa, KK showcased her skills, creating diverse mind/body and fitness classes for retreat guests.


As an island enthusiast, KK founded Escape with KK, by drawing inspiration from her exotic surroundings, infused with local botanical ingredients to offer a one of a kind spa experience. With a reputation for her expert healing touch she travels the world changing lives, one body at a time.


Recognised for her craft, KK later affiliated with world leading healing hotels like Karma in Bali, AMAN in Sri Lanka and Six Senses spas and resorts, as a wellness expert.

Certified in fitness, anatomy, and massage, KK h
olds memberships in European Registered Exercise Professionals (E.R.E.Ps®) for Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader, Health.

Accredited Wellness Coach, Certified Sports Massage & Holistic Beauty Therapist.

Level 2 Award First Aider in Mental Health Awareness.

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Mind Body fitness.jpg


In a world seemingly filled with chaos and division, do you ever feel like you need to separate yourself from the confusion?  Well, you're not alone!

Welcome to the Great Awakening - where truth about the world we live in is stranger than fiction, and your need to relearn everything is calling you! 

KK is on a mission to make waking up fun again!

Picture this: kicking back in nature, soaking up some rays and having those 'aha' moments while sipping your morning juice.  Our retreats aren't just about finding your balance, they're about rediscovering your inner superpower - the ability to re-educate yourself on the reality of things.  Because lets face it, there's some epic stuff unfolding around us!  So lets escape and discover some of the weird and wonderful truths together. So join KK and learn how to move your body and move your life with a mindset ready to slay the future.  


KK is an ageless wonder, defying time with her secret recipe for vitality: Listening to the body's subtle signs and indulging in self-care like its a buffet.

Armed with the five pillars of wellness - hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness - she's an advocate for staying forever fabulous. 

But she's not keeping all the fun to herself! Join KK's Lives each Saturday on Instagram, where she unwraps each wellness topic to inspire your journey.

Say hello to ageing gracefully and wave goodbye to disgraceful ageing - KK's laugh out loud approach keeps you strong and stunning!


Collaborate with KK

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