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About KK

KK, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in healing and empowerment, addresses emotional blockages and physical injuries with a unique

whole-body approach.

After completing studies in fitness, anatomy and massage, she expanded her expertise in native Australian bush plant healing and the essentials of Ayurveda living.
As the first activities facilitator at Olivia Newton John's Gaia Retreat & Spa, KK showcased her skills, creating diverse mind/body and fitness classes.


As an island enthusiast, KK founded Escape with KK, drawing inspiration from exotic surroundings, infused with local botanical ingredients to offer a one of a kind spa experience. With a reputation for expert healing touch she travelled the world annually changing lives one body at a time.


Recognised for her skills, KK became affiliated with world leading healing hotels like the Karma Resorts, Aman Resorts and Six Senses spas and resorts, continuing to collaborate with the latter as a wellness expert.

Certified in fitness, anatomy, and massage, KK h
olds memberships in European Registered Exercise Professionals (E.R.E.Ps®) and is a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Leader, Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Massage & Holistic Beauty Therapist, and Level 2 Award First Aider in Mental Health Awareness.

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Amidst current global challenges, many of us can sense a change on the horizon.  This is known as The Great Awakening. It's an exciting era, though it might feel a bit overwhelming at times. KK's mission is to make this awakening accessible, encouraging people to join in and embrace it.

Our retreats are designed to help you take a break from busy life, connecting with nature and your spirituality. In this relaxed setting, profound truths gently unfold for those ready to discover them. The goal is to bring peace and balance, helping you remember your true self – a resilient being filled with possibilities.

Join KK individually, with a significant other, or as a group to experience fun activities, rejuvenation, and shared discussions. Be part of
KK's tribe to stay in the loop about upcoming retreats, events, and new earth news.


Embrace the journey – it's about awakening, moving your body, and moving your life in a positive direction!


With more than five decades behind her, KK may be aging, but her body feels and appears stronger than ever. By heeding her body's signals and promptly addressing pain or injuries, she practices excellent self-care through choices that have proven beneficial.


Embracing the five pillars of wellness—hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness—forms the foundation of her well-being philosophy, enabling her to renew herself and continue providing the healing energy others admire. KK aspires to share her straightforward principles in self-care, fitness, and nutrition to empower others to stay stronger and maintain a youthful appearance for an extended period.

KK's vision unfolds through personalised VIP experiences, tailoring the approach to meet the unique needs of individuals. These one to one encounters aim to empower others to embrace strength, vitality and youthfulness.

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Collaborate with KK

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