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K K   S T O R Y

About KK

KK has over 20 years of experience helping clients with chronic pain in Australia, Sri Lanka, Ibiza, Macau, The Middle East, England and France.

She has experience helping others with sports injuries, back and neck pain, joint and muscle pain and neurological issues. Over the past 2 decades, KK has helped her clients decrease their chronic pain with her unique techniques of assessing and treating their body as a whole with exercise, massage therapy, eating for wellbeing and emotional wellness support.


KK's interest for health and wellbeing grew as she completed her studies in Personal Training and Massage Therapy in Byron Bay, Australia. Through her extensive traveling she acquired hands on training in various Austral-Asian Healing Arts. For example, Living "Down Under" gave her a chance to be trained in Aboriginal Dream-time Spa Therapy in Australia.

Whilst adapting to a Sri Lankan lifestyle for over a decade, she fell in love with the science of Ayurveda. Doing 'Selfless Service' at Ammas Ashram in Kerala gave her the opportuniyt to learn and provide PanchaKarma treatment participating daily with her Chinese teacher in the parks of Macau in Tai Chi movement, . Recently she acquired further certification, so she can help others manage their emotional wellness.


Over the years, KK has affiliated her services with boutique hotels and luxury resorts including

Olivia Newton Johns' Gaia Retreat & Spa, The Aman Resorts & Residences, and Six Senses Resorts & Spas, to name a few... Offering guest experiences with her mind/body fitness coaching & divine spa body works therapy menu of services.  


KK is a member of European Registered Exercise Professionals (EREPs ®) Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader. A CPD accredited Health & Wellness Coach.

Certified Sports Massage/Holistic Beauty Therapist and a licensed Level 2 Award

First Aider in Mental Health Awareness. 

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In light of recent global changes and challenges, KK believes that people are seeking more opportunities to unwind from the demands of their busy lifestyle.

Her mission forward is to offer transformational real-axation retreats, that help others reconnect with nature, restore, re-energise, and remember who they truly are - Born free, supreme beings, filled with endless possibilities.

KK's desire from here on is to encourage others to manifest the work/life balance they dream to live and to prioritise taking great care of themselves.

 Join KK's tribe here so you can stay tuned for her next drop and be the first to hear about Escape with KK retreats, events and offers.


"With over half a century under her belt, KK maybe getting older, but her body feels and looks stronger, than ever before.


By listening to the subtle signs in her own body and taking immediate action to treat pain, as injuries present themselves.  She's learned how to take great self-care by choosing options and environments that served her well.

By getting enough of the 5 pillars of wellness: hydration, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and mindfulness. these principles are the cornerstone to her simple philosophies. Restoring and reviving her enough, so she can keep giving to others... What they most love about her... Her healing energy and fun spirit.

KK's vision is to continue sharing her user friendly principles in self-care, fitness and wellbeing to help others be stronger and stay looking younger.. For longer.... Whilst preventing less stress and more joy in life. 

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KK at Work

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