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Have you noticed that some people are “always” sick, while others are rarely sick? and even if they do get sick, they heal quickly  

Those people who are “always” sick are most likely always stressed or busy—they don’t give their bodies a chance to rest and heal itself naturally.  According to KK, there are 3 practices that can help you to stay in tune with subtle signs within. Ultimately helping you restore your body’s healing mode and natural energy source, when needed.

These three practices are: Being aware of and feeling your body heat. Breathing, sound and movement expression. And lastly Observing your mind without worry.  All these integrated, will create a natural way to calm and restore your natural healing power.

Spa Massage

Heat & treat your body 

Body temperature is related to the immune system.

The optimal balance for body temperature is to keep your head cool, and lower abdomen warm.

Your lower abdomen is the core of your body, so keeping your energy in that area promotes health.

KK recommends to raise your body temperature at least once a day, either by getting some daily sunlight for a few minutes, exercising to warm up your body or to get a massage... aka 'the lazy mans workout' :-)

Control your breathing

Practice breathing deep into the diaphragm & lower abdomen.

Deep breathing is healing, and relieves your body naturally.

While it’s difficult to raise or lower blood pressure, pulse, or body temperature intentionally, we can control them indirectly through our breathing. During a Breath Work  session with KK,

you'll also notice that your thoughts and emotions settle down when you focus on your breathing, and your body will recover its sense of balance.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
Tai Chi in Motion

Observe with your mind

Some of us find it difficult to sit and be still.  However, practicing daily a meditation in motion such as Tai Chi Or Chi Kung can also calm and clear the mind.

Observe your thoughts and emotions, and learn not to let them overwhelm or control you.

When you observe your breathing, it automatically deepens and slows.

When you observe your body temperature, it recovers to a healthy range.

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