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So Your Mind Body & Spirit Can Come To Their Senses

Have you noticed that some people are “always” sick, while others are rarely sick? and even if they do get sick, they heal quickly.  

Those people who are “always” sick are most likely always stressed or busy—they don’t give their bodies a chance to rest and heal itself naturally.  According to KK, there are things we can pay attention to, that help us stay in tune with our wellness within.

Ultimately, helping us restore our body’s natural healing mode and energy source, when needed.

Things like.. connecting with your physical body through movement and stretching.  Staying mindful of your emotional thoughts and being selective to sound and what you take in. Celebrating your spiritual self and identifying The Divine, through fasting and prayer.

  All these  practices integrated, can create a natural way to fix sensory overload, calm and restore your natural healing power.

Sound Healing
Spa Massage

By using sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere,

Sound Healing - an holistic practice - allows you to sink into a deep state of meditation.  Balance and heal the body, mind and spirit. Promote deep rest, a rebalanced nervous system and release emotions.  


528 Hz - Also known as Miracle Vibration of Love is a transformational frequency with many healing properties that can repair the DNA and stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. 

This treatment session awaits you.

Breath Work

Deep breathing is healing, and relieves your body naturally.

While it’s difficult to raise or lower blood pressure, pulse, or body temperature intentionally, we can control them indirectly through our breathing. During a Breath Work  session with KK,

you'll also notice that your thoughts and emotions settle down when you focus on your breathing and your body will recover its sense of balance.

Practice breathing deep into the diaphragm & lower abdomen and receive the benefits of the breath.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing
Tai Chi in Motion

Some of us find it difficult to sit and be still.  However, practicing daily a Meditation in Motion such as Tai Chi Or Chi Kung can also calm and clear the mind.

Observe your thoughts and emotions through movement and learn how to not let them overwhelm or control you.

When you move with spirit in mind, it automatically connects you to your greater good.. your God.. your divine sense of self.

Practice meditation in motion, move your body, move your life.

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